Kilimanjaro guides profiles helps tourists gain confidence to climb to summit

Mountain climbing guides are tour leaders which lead tourists climbing safely to the Kilimanjaro summit. Tourists planning to book Kilimanjaro trekking adventure will gain confidence when guided by professional guides. Kilimanjaro guides profile available to climbers is one of the travel tips advised. Kilimanjaro guides have skilled and experiences needed to lead quality Kilimanjaro treks and success summiting. 

Mountain guides provide travel tips that help safety and enjoyable climbing to the summit. From lower slopes to summit Kibo Snow, tourists make volcano tours, rock climbing and experiences scenery Geographical features. Mawenzi Volcano peak is seen well when trekking Kilimanjaro through Marangu and Rongai route. Brilliant Mawenzi peak is seen at saddle hut on Nalemoru Kikelelwa Rongai. 

Featured Mountain guide is Chief Guide who supervisors other guides and leads Kilimanjaro tours booking in advance.

Chief Guide's name is MR. Joshua Enock Mwakalinga.

Begin Mountain guide job in 1994 on the Marangu route. Due to passion and skills, he conquered Kilimanjaro in his first tourist group from the United Kingdom.

Second Kilimanjaro climbing trips were made through Machame and he continued on other Kilimanjaro routes of Rongai, Umbwe, Lemosho, Northern circuit, and Shira.

Now Joshua has more than 15 years of Mountaineering Experience in Kilimanjaro.

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