Online kilimanjaro booking

Kilimanjaro booking begins by planning about flight tickets booking and hotel reservations at the Kilimanjaro foothills. Travel to Kilimanjaro and find an affordable hotel near the Rongai route or Machame trail. 

Flight ticket bookings and Hotel reservations are among the online booking travel services needed when planning to climb Kilimanjaro. Advise and travel tips on how to get cheap flight tickets are provided. Hotel reservations choice of budget tourist hotels and luxury hotels in Moshi town, the base of Mount Kilimanjaro trekking.

Explanations of how to book Kilimanjaro climbing trip is as follows:
Procedures to book Kilimanjaro are reading details of each Kilimanjaro route, choose a suitable route. Another procedure learns and understands the best month to trek Kilimanjaro according to favorite weather.

Another step to conveniently book Kilimanjaro climb is finding cheap flight tickets to Moshi town. Moshi is the nearest tourist town where Kilimanjaro hikes begin. Several airlines fly direct to Kilimanjaro and offer cheap flight tickets. These International Airlines include Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airlines, Delta Airlines, Virgin Air/Precision Air, Egypt Air/Kenya Airways, Condor Airways, and Ethiopian Airlines.

Kilimanjaro climbs summiting the official representative meets tourists at the Airport on arrival and provides transport to the base Hotel in Moshi. Hotel accommodation with meals is provided in Moshi or Arusha towns, the one you prefer. After accomplishing all correspondence, price cost negotiation and price agreement, payment options are as follows:-

A – Wire Transfer/Swift transfer
This is International swift wire transfer to our Official Bank Account in Tanzania, we share transfer charges though.

B- By credit cards
Option to pay for the Kilimanjaro tour by Credit cards is most preferable by most tourists. Travelers find it easier to pay by credit cards however most Kilimanjaro Trekking Outfitters can not manage to accept payment by credit cards.
Methods to pay by credit cards are through online merchants like Payoneer and Skrill (

Why should you book direct with Tanzania Operator?
The important advantage of booking your Kilimanjaro climbing trip in Tanzania is of the economy: Just think, you’re cutting out the middleman. Middlemen are Travel Agents who stay just in the office making a profit without knowing how ground handling services to facilitate Kilimanjaro climb looks likes!!!!!

Many foreign tour operators/Travel Agents have destination operations and don’t use their mountain crew to take their Kilimanjaro treks. Instead, they use the services of a Tanzanian tour operator. By booking your climbing trip directly with Tour Operator in Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, you are dealing directly with the people who are going to take you up the mountain and not the Western agent.

Now, and also you can also personally check the tents, food material and camping equipment that you’ll be using on Kilimanjaro before booking. You can also make inspection of guide’s certificates and generate peace of mind which is essential for increasing performance to summit Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro climb summiting customer feedback is Great and hence prove that you can trust the Our Mountaineering Crews.