Rongai route Kilimanjaro climbing trip

Rongai route Map trekking Kilimanjaro adventures. Rongai route is one of the most favorite Kilimanjaro climbing routes because it is scenic, all-weather, and suitable for all kinds of people. Rongai route is an easier route suitable for young, middle age and old people. Rongai route is suitable for first-time mountain climbers and people who live at low altitudes. Camps and cottages are modes of accommodation at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, on the Rongai gate. Check real estate properties and apartments for rent here. 

Last-minute adventure travel, book at last minute now and confirm for a place to climb Kilimanjaro. Budget travel deals are available on Kilimanjaro trekking and wildlife tours in Tanzania. Travel advice which helps you book Kilimanjaro trips are cheap flights booking and hotels found at Kilimanjaro foothills. Snowcap is a hotel cottage located at Kenya border, near trekking begin trail. 

Another advantage of the Rongai route is to have experience of Rongai during ascent and Marangu during descending. Tourists ascend Kilimanjaro from the north-east side of the mountain, along the border between Tanzania and Kenya. Another experience is Transregional experience passing through Marangu village, Mwika village, Mkuu, Mashati, Useri and Tarakea to the maize farm and final start forest plantations. Rongai route still has wilderness trails and enjoyable mountaineering trips.

6 days day to day details on trekking Kilimanjaro through the Rongai route.


Day 1 - Nalemoru (1950 m/6400 ft) - First Cave Campsite (2650 m/8700 ft)
Walking distance: 6.5 km/4 miles
Walking time: 3-4 hours
Altitude gain: 700 m/2300 ft.


Day 2 - First Cave Campsite - Kikelewa Caves (3600 m/11810 ft)
Walking distance: 9 km/5.6 miles
Walking time: 6-7 hours
Altitude gain: 950 m/3110 ft.


Day 3 - Kikelewa Caves - Mawenzi Tarn (4330 m/14210 ft)
Walking distance: 6 km/3.7 miles
Walking time: 3-4 hours
Altitude gain: 730 m/2400 ft.
Afternoon acclimatization walk to about 4500 m/14760 ft.


Day 4 - Mawenzi Tarn - Kibo Huts (4700 m/15420 ft)
Walking distance: 9 km/5.6 miles
Walking time: 4-5 hours
Altitude gain: 370 m/1215 ft.


Day 5 - Summit attempt via Gilman's Point (5700 m/18700 ft) to Uhuru Peak (5895 m/19340 ft) and descent to Horombo Huts (3700 m/12200 ft)
Walking distance: 5 km/3.1 miles ascent + 15 km/9.3 miles descent
Walking time: 5-6 hrs + 1-2 hours up, 5-6 hours down (the overall walking time may vary from 10 - 16 hours)
Altitude gain: 1000 m/ 3280 ft (Gilman's Point) or 1195 m/3920 ft (Uhuru Peak)
Descent: 2195 m/7200 ft.


Day 6 - Horombo Huts - Marangu Gate
Walking distance: 20 km/12.5 miles
Walking time: 5 hours
Descent: 1840 m/6040 ft

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Jun. 14, 2014

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