Kilimanjaro journey begins at coffee farms to Kilimanjaro summit

Climbing mount kilimanjaro journey begins from Villages at slopes of mount kilimanjaro, passes through green forest, volcanic rocks, glaciers to summit Kibo peak.

The journey to the summit Mount Kilimanjaro is called climbing and destination is called Kibo peak. Kibo peak is the highest volcano peak of Kilimanjaro and makes Kilimanjaro to be one of 7 world summits. Sometimes this journey is called trekking.

The pathways which tourists use are called Kilimanjaro routes. Tour leaders which escort tourists to Kilimanjaro summit are mountain guides. Hiking gears are equipments which helps the climber to trek well. Hiking gears include walking poles, sleeping bags, warm clothes e.t.c.

Some travelers use term mountaineering to mean ascent of Mountains. Kilimanjaro ascent is of favorite mountaineering known worldwide. Kilimanjaro ascending is easiest among all 7 summits. We are mount kilimanjaro climbing leaders you can trust because of knowledge, experience and Great customer feedback.

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