Machame route 6 days Kilimanjaro climbing trip, klettern, escalada and join group Kilimanjaro trek

Kilimanjaro trekking through Machame route 6 days is the best way to climb Kilimanjaro to the summit.  Machame route is the scenic beauty Kilimanjaro route and has a high success rate. Join the group and climb Kilimanjaro to summit. Save money and join group trekking Kilimanjaro from 08 March to 13 Mach, 2020. Make a last-minute booking for the Kilimanjaro trip.

The unique features of the Machame route are

  • Machame is good for acclimatization with lots of walk high, sleep low opportunities
  • Challenging trek with stunning scenery through 5 diverse climatic zones
  • Machame has great opportunity to split pre-summit day climb to leave climbers rested before summiting
  • Very popular trail and accommodation is tented camps
  • Highly recommended for scenic value


Mount Kilimanjaro climbing information through Machame route overnight stops are Machame, Shira, Barranco, Barafu Hut, Mweka camps.

The Machame route itinerary 6 days is as follows:

The campsites and gates (with corresponding elevations) are as follows: -

  • 01 - Drive to Machame Gate registration and begin trekking (1,743 m) to Machame Camp.
  • 02--Machame camp (3,026 m) to Shira Camp
  • 03 -Shira 12,355 feet (3,766 m) to Barranco Camp
  • 04 - Barranco 13,066 feet (3,983 m) Barrafu
  • 05 -Barafu (high camp before the summit) -  (4,645 m) to Kibo peak/Uhuru summit to Mweka camp.
  • 06 - Mweka  camp(descent) 10,204 feet (3,110 m) to Mweka Gate (1,653 m)

At the Mweka Gate, meet the Office representative with a car and take you to the Hotel in town for celebrations and further travel plans.

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