Kilimanjaro summiting Machame route

Kilimanjaro climb summiting through Machame route.

Summiting to Kilimanjaro peak through Machame route has two options. This is one advantage for people who choose machame route climbing Kilimanjaro.

One option is going to Kibo peak 5895m through Arrow Glacier, most difficult summit direction. This Kilimanjaro trekking needs some exercise or previous mountaineering experience.

Second option is easier is going to summit through Barafu Hut. First time mountain climbers and less exercise are needed.

Second advantage Kilimanjaro climbing through Machame route is acclimatization.

Second advantage  of the Machame route is its quick rise to relatively high elevations (~10,000 feet (3,000 m)), and a short ascent to the Lava Tower site (~15,000 feet (4,600 m)) before descending back to Barranco Camp (~12,700 feet (3,900 m)) on the same day. This follows the climber's adage "climbs high, sleep low", and helps altitude acclimation.

More and more small advantages are there like cheap travel package 6 days, less people on this trail and avoid crowd of people and scenic beauty.

Trekking expeditions need mental and physical preparation. Current information is the key for success kilimanjaro climbing. There are two options for Machame route kilimanjaro trekking package, 6 days machame route and 7 days machame. Mountaineering Trekking travel package price cost vary depend on how many people, Group travel from 5 people or more get discount.

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