Rongai route climbing kilimanjaro 5 days

Rongai route on Mt. Kilimanjaro has 5 campsites, Rongai route information useful for Kilimanjaro climbing is a guide, maps via the first Cave, Kikelelwa Camp, third Cave, Mawenzi Tarn, Kibo and Horombo hut camps. Rongai route is one of the recommended Kilimanjaro climb routes. Rongai route is only the Kilimanjaro route which climbs Kilimanjaro in the northern circuit.

Big game wildlife such as buffaloes and Elephants can be seen on the Rongai route. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro trips are well managed by professional guides, Kilimanjaro guides have experience on how to manage acclimatization and notice symptoms of altitude/mountain sickness.

Varieties of Plants/Flora are seen such as juniper and olive trees. During descent scenic flora lobelias, and the giant groundsels can be found in abundance on the Marangu Route, the designated descent route for those coming from Rongai. During acclimatization – you will spend that extra night at the Mawenzi Tarn Hut you will have views of beauty features views across to Kibo peak.

And During hiking to Summit, it is known that the walk from the Outward Bound Huts to Gillman’s Point to be marginally easier than that from Kibo Huts. So this proves that trekking Kilimanjaro through the Rongai route is easier than Marangu, hence tourists can climb to the Kilimanjaro summit successfully on the Rongai route by 99%. 

Rongai Route (5 Days), detailed itinerary

Rongai Route – 5 Days / 4 Nights.

Day 1: -Today, we’ll depart the hotel/lodge/campsite early and start the 3 hrs drive to Rongai Gate at 2100m via several villages. At the gate, we will have lunch

and complete the registration. After registration and lunch, we will commence the 6 km trek to the first cave campsite at 2650m. Part of the route is dry and dusty, and it’s teaming with wildlife in the rain forest zone. The walk will take 4 hours walking to the 1st cave, where we will camp and overnight.


Day 2:- Today consists of an 8-hour walk to the third cave campsite at 3900m. The path involves crossing cliffs and hills that will take us to a lunch stop at 3450m. Here, we will camp and overnight at the 3rd cave.


Day 3:- We depart the camp after breakfast and trek to School Hut at 4750m. The walk today is at a slower pace due to the altitude. The path is steep and rocky at points that are rewarded with superb views of Mawenzi Peak. The walk will take 4 hours maximum to Mawenzi Turn Hut campsite where we will camp and overnight. This day, we’ll have an early dinner and prepare for ascending to the summit.


Day 4:- We’ll wake up at around midnight and commence the climb with a scramble on rocks before trekking up the scree slopes to Gilman’s Point. We will rest for a few minutes, get a hot drink and catch our breaths, before making the final trek to Uhuru Point via Stella Point at 5732m.

After experiencing the view from the top of the mountain and taking photos, we will descend down to base camp where we will rest for 1 hour and then descend down to Horombo Hut where we will camp and overnight. This is a really hard day, so we will take 13 to 15 hours.


Day 5:- The walk today will take 4 to 5 hours to the gate. We will stop for lunch at Mandara Hut then trek down to Marangu Gate via the rain forest. Here we will have the certificate presentation and songs from your team. Here is where you will say goodbye to your team, and we will drive back to your hotel.

NOTE: the 6th day in the Rongai route is the additional acclimatization day stay at Mawenzi Tarn Hut/Camp.

-         It is recommended to take 6 days Rongai route for first-time climbers so that they can acclimatize and guarantee success summiting Kilimanjaro.

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