How to climb Kilimanjaro, how to acclimatize and general travel tips success summiting

How to climb Kilimanjaro is the travel tips explaining How to climb mount kilimanjaro and what to prepare.

Every Alpine climber must know how to acclimatize and hence avoid altitude sickness. Altitude sickness is also known as Mountain illness, if you get mountain illness, you can not proceed hiking up Kilimanjaro summit. So major step to acclimatize is to trek slowly, ascend slowly and avoid sudden change of altitude, allow your body to acclimatize and lung breath well.

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Hiking gears preparations is also important, check what gears are needed for planning Mount Kilimanjaro climb trip.

Beginners who want to climb Kilimanjaro successful, have to know principles and techniques. Kilimanjaro climbers who have had no previous mountaineering experience, are supposed to observe important trekking facts. Read more about climbers beginners guide. How ever we strongly recommend Kilimanjaro trails which have more time to acclimatize such as machame route 7 days, Rongai 7 days, Lemosho 8 days and Northern circuit route Kilimandscharo klettern reise.

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First of all know how many meters or feet is highest Kilimanjaro, Mount Kilimanjaro has 5895 m or 19340 ft. Knowing altutide, will help to acclimatize well, each step when hiking Kilimanjaro. Kilimanjaro trekking is not technical, how ever little climbing training is important. Exercise like running and pushups help your muscles become used to stretching rather than your usual office sitting on computer desk. Hiking gears are support equipments to protect from wind and cold at high alpine places. Ascent Kilimandscharo is like alpine in Swiss or Atlas or Rock Mountains. 

Things to do to prepare for climbing mount Kilimanjaro are below:

Travel to Mount Kilimanjaro destination, Mount Kilimanjaro is located in Tanzania. So you have to research which Airlines fly to Tanzania. Some of International Airlines such as Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, FlyDubai, Delta Airlines, KLM, Condor Air and Edelweiss fly direct to Kilimanjaro International Airport. You can book flight ticket through Airline website or book flight ticket through Travel Agent. 

Another things to prepare is entry VISA, Tanzania need entry VISA and you can apply VISA from Nearest Tanzania Embassy or VISA TRAVEL AGENT.

Next thing to do is to book a hotel near Mount Kilimanjaro. Moshi town is tourist town at base of Kilimanjaro and suitable for accommodation before trekking Kilimanjaro. Usually one night on arrival/before climb and one night after climb is needed. Usually Kilimanjaro climbing travel package include Airport transfer, Hotel accommodation and all other trekking services.

Most of important thing is physicall and mental preparation. Climbing mount Kilimanjaro is physical strenous and need body preparations. Muscle strenous during hiking Kilimanjaro brings much fatique if not prepared. Physicall preparation is important to get your muscles be ready for streneous climbing. Methods of exercises are running, jogging, walking and gym exercises. Do these exercises daily and 2 weeks before going to hike Kilimanjaro. Rest 2 days before travelling to Tanzania.

Factors to consider when choosing Kilimanjaro routes are level of strenous, steepness of route, nature beauty, length of time needed, price cost of each Kilimanjaro route and interest. Kilimanjaro routes recommended are Machame, Rongai, Umbwe, Lemosho and Northern circuit.

Guide for Kilimanjaro, there are many Kilimanjaro guides but make sure you are guided by certified Kilimanjaro Guide. Guide must be well trained and having more than 5 years climbing experience is recommended.

Price cost for Kilimanjaro climbing package vary according to several factors like which Kilimanjaro route you choose, how many days and number of people per group. Make inquiry and get price costs.

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Prepare climbing gears and personal items for support. Consider temperature and weather at Kilimanjaro. 

Upon agreement on Kilimanjaro trekking price cost and terms of services, usually 30% deposit is agreed for booking made 3 to 6 months in advance. If you have One month left to trip date, you can make 50% deposit.

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