Travel tips, weather forecast and climbing preparations advise

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro show you how to be with peace with nature and yourself. It eliminates the outside world and connects you with your inner voice.


Weather and the best time for trekking

When you are dreaming for your adventure trip to climb Kilimanjaro, consider which month to go. Climate change and weather can affect your Kilimanjaro trekking trip. Best time to go for Kilimanjaro tour in January to Mid March - up to 15 and July to October. These are Months with the favorite dry season. 

Other months are also good, these are June,  November, and December.

April and May are rain months, however some people can go due to vacation leave chance or mountaineers also.

Kilimanjaro routes

Choose right Kilimanjaro trail for alpine trekking, Mount Kilimanjaro is high altitude alpine and hence you need proper information, Usually, Machame route, Lemosho route, Rongai, Thomas Glacier and Shira are recommended.

How difficult is to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, make sure you train to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, although Kilimanjaro is Non Technical Mountaineering, it does not mean that you do not make even a slight exercise. Train yourself; begin jogging or pushup so that you will be comfort in adventure alpine trekking to highest peak of Africa

Climbing preparations and travel tips for comfort success summit

While being physically capable certainly helps, climbing is about mental toughness — change your mind set and be positive.

You need proper hiking gears to make the difficult trek a lot more conquerable.

Go at your own pace. Go up with enough breathing to obtain enough oxygen. POLÉ! POLÉ! (Slowly! Slowly!)

In any Kilimanjaro route, second day, you will reach an altitude above the clouds. Clouds are cold and not as fluffy nor as fun as they appear from the warmth of the inside an airplane.

Reduce risk of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) it is best to find a guide that follows “climb high, sleep low” to help acclimate to the altitude. Kilimanjaro trails which has topograph for climb high and low are Northern circuit route, Machame route, Lemosho route, Shira route, Rongai route Kikelelwa- Saddle Hut Mawenzi path and Thomas Glacier

The more days in the trek, the more time you have to acclimate, that is why we recommend Machame route 7 days, Lemosho route 8 days or Northern circuit 9 days for beginner climbers or first time climbers

Be prepared for climbing in extreme cold on summit night as temperatures can reach 0 degrees F (minus 18 C). Apart from Permanent Snow at Kibo peak, there are ice glaciers at the top!

Mountaineering clothing: Pack at least one complete hiking outfit, including a long sleeve shirt, hiking pants, underwear, hiking socks, and especially hiking boots. You can rent almost anything, but don’t want to risk blisters.

Rent what you don’t need to own, or avoid delay or misplacement of luggage at Airplanes, you can get cheap rental store in Moshi Tanzania.

Hygiene during Trekking Kilimanjaro expedition

Pay for the climbing package that offers hot meals instead of box lunches. Carry Water Camel bottles which are specially to keep water warm especially at high altitude which is cold.

How much cost to climb Kilimanjaro? Price of travel deal to climb Kilimanjaro basic costs are Kilimanjaro park permit entry fees, Your flight tickets, Hotel in Moshi base camp, services like guides, porters, food, transportation etc. However booking can mean a lot to your budget, if you book direct with local Tour Operator you get fair price with quality services, while if you choose Travel agent, be prepared to add some more $$$$$ as margin commission for your booking.

Consider to check Local Tour Operator Travel Reviews at TripAdvisor…Look Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Co.Ltd reviews.

Safari Tanzania and Kilimanjaro climbing travel reviews about Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Co.Ltd TripAdvisor

Kilimanjaro Porters are useful support for any mountaineering adventure. Porters provide support to carry all extra luggages for your uses, Porters carry water for cooking and drink, Porters carry food material and Porters are friendly. So Good salary and enough clothing support are provided to make sure they provide quality services to climbers. So book trip to trek Kilimanjaro with peace of mind.

Several mountain climbers don’t know how to plan about Kilimanjaro tours. Training to trek Kilimanjaro include theory and practical. Theory is about all accurate information about Kilimanjaro routes, Kilimanjaro weather, hiking gears, altitude sickness/mountain sickness, acclimatization, price costs, cheap flights and hotels at base Kilimanjaro.

Practical training touches and trains the importance of exercises, how to do exercise, type of meals and health check up. Most climbers have underestimated knowledge fitness level needed to fully enjoy their trip. Mount Kilimanjaro climbing successful climbing is achieved by any beginner training like little exercises. Kilimanjaro is one of easiest Mountain to climb among those 7 summits world highest peaks. Mount Kilimanjaro is natural wonders Africa and largest free Standing Mountain in the world, so don’t underestimate.

All tourists willing to climb Mount Kilimanjaro are invited to learn about the routes, climate, kit, safety, camping, and altitude & exercise trek training. Chief Expert guides are available to provide all mountaineering information and answer all trekking questions about exercise, altitude sickness, acclimatization, Kilimanjaro routes choice, best season to climb Kilimanjaro, price cost advise budget and how to save money on flight tickets.

Great Value Kilimanjaro climbing trip begin by accurate information, early preparation,  price cost analysis and travel flight ticket booking.



Kilimanjaro Porters

Porters at Mount Kilimanjaro are potential mountain crew with important function. When climbing Kilimanjaro guides are leaders who undertake control of leading the way, checking all trekking safety, monitoring altitude sickness, help tourists acclimatize and explain all natural attraction Geographical features. Porters are manage all supplies like trekking gears, camping tents, water, food, luggage of tourists and bedding material.

First climbers from Europe used YOHANA LAUWO as local guide from Marangu and many porters were used. Successful Kilimanjaro Ascent was done by two climbers from German and Austria. Full moon summit dates are best way and exciting adventure to summit Kilimanjaro Snow.

Booking Kilimanjaro climbing trips with responsible Travel Company is a winner adventure you have got. Professional guides and logical organized Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Outfitter is sure way to book trip and summit Kilimanjaro successful.