Full moon Kilimanjaro climbing trip dates 2016

Kilimanjaro climbing tours coinciding with summiting on full moon dates is awesome.

Usual summiting dates are dark and climbers depend on head light which illuminates few meters ahead. Trekking Kilimanjaro and summiting on full moon dates is hiking to the summit a night with moon lights, and sky must be clear. We recommended best months to climb Kilimanjaro with full moon dates are December, January, February and March. And again July, August, September and October.

To summit on a full moon, the trekking begin about 4-6 days before these dates, it depends which Kilimanjaro route you choose and on the length of your trip. Example Machame route 6 days or Rongai, begin 4 days in advance, if 7 days begin 5 days in Advance and if Shira route 8 days begin hiking 6 days in advance and if is Northern circuit begin trekking 7 days in advance.

Advantages of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro on full moon and new moon dates are many. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro tours on full moon experience is  seeing the glaciers glitter in the moonlight of a full moon. Also bright moonlight do provides spectacular views of Kibo, glaciers and Volcano craterfrom most of the overnight camps.

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