Menu for Kilimanjaro climbing health

Kilimanjaro menu is a daily food plan served during the Kilimanjaro trip. Meals served during Kilimanjaro trekking are ensured to maintain your health and provide the energy needed for a trekking adventure.

Our food menus are always improving and we always have new dishes being introduced accordingly and you can have any special requirements add to our Kilimanjaro menu. Meals on Mount Kilimanjaro are provided depending on varying needs such as vegetarian, Halal meals, Kosher foods, Tanzanian meals and General continental foods for everybody.

Kilimanjaro Climb summiting Co.Ltd cooks are experienced mountain chefs who prepare delicious and palatable food for your health to manage successful climb to the Mount Kilimanjaro summit Kibo peak.

Note that as tourists climb high altitudes, appetite decreases so chefs must know what kind of meals to be prepared. As well, clean safe water is needed and usually, a minimum 3 liters per day is recommended to help acclimatize and increase physical endurance. So the chef prepares suitable food which you can eat and provide you enough energy to hike to Kilimanjaro peak Kibo. When booking Kilimanjaro treks, ask for a sample menu and then you can see if it is suitable or suggest something.

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