Group booking Kilimanjaro climbing trips, join group

Join group and climb Kilimanjaro in set departure dates is new travel style of mountaineering adventures in Mount Kilimanjaro.

Solo travellers and even individual friends from 2 people or more can join existing groups planned for trekking up Kilimanjaro summit in set departure dates. What services do you share during Mount Kilimanjaro climb?... Accommodation services is private for each individual climber, this means every person get private tent and mattresses. - You only share transport, mess tent and costs of salary. 

Dates planned to join group are from 20 June to September 20 in 2019. Why we have daily Kilimanjaro treks departure for group booking this dates? 

First of all these dates and Months have favorite weather, means no rain, and Kilimanjaro atmosphere is great. From our experience organizing Kilimanjaro tours, many solo travellers requested groups to join at the dates or season above and most of them  also join group safari booking.

So everybody can choose favorite travel date  and indicate which day to begin hike. Make sure you arrange and tell us travel time and arrive day, this will help us to meet your and transfer from Kilimanjaro Airport on arrival.

Kilimanjaro trails available to join groups are Machame route 6 days, Machame route 7 days, Marangu route 6 days, Lemosho route 7 days and Rongai route 6 days. We mostly recommend 7 days Machame route 7 days Kilimanjaro climbing trips or Lemosho route 8 days, for best acclimatization experience and avoid altitude sickness. These travel deals have high success rates, ranging from 98 to 99.99%.


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